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August 8, 2013

Summer Seahorse Shift on Short Sands


The Two Summer Dress

I knit the bodice in a day but dragged on sewing the skirt.  I finished the dress just in time (literally)  for my granddaughter to wear on "The Maine" bound for Perkins Cove. 

The photos are taken on Short Sands after our few hours at Perkin's Cove.  The knitted straps stretched by at least an inch so I'm glad I knit them short with a fuller bodice.

BGITWWW loves seahorses so this fabric was a perfect choice.  The maxi length  transformed her little girl walk into a regal glide and her little straw purse and silver gladiator sandals made her feel quite grown up.  (Note: Gladiators were quickly exchanged for flip flops as soon as we arrived back at the inn).



...Happy Trails...

April 14, 2013

A Shift for the Ocean

After doing my taxes last night I had to find something easy but fun to do.  I came across The Two Summer Sundress by Natalie Larson.  The bodice is hand-knit and the body of the dress is fabric and will be a wonderful summer dress for the BGITWWW. 

For the bodice I am using Spud and Chloe Sweater.  It's leftover yarn from the Swing Coat which still looks fabulous and will be a great cover up for this dress when the ocean breeze is not agreeable.

The main part of the bodice is knit and all that remains to finish are the straps and attach buttons.  Please note I knit two stitches in before each decrease.  This left a neat and decorative edge.

The bodice has been soaked, rolled into a towel, unrolled, gently shaped and left to dry in the fresh air.  The straps are left on a stitch holder until I can check the length on my granddaughter. 

A neat and decorative edge.

For the body of the dress I am using one yard of cotton fabric designed by Mo Bedell purchased from Hawthorne Threads. This is “Patchwork in Light Pink” from the Full Moon Lagoon.  I chose this for the Seahorses.  100% whimsy.  


...Happy Trails...

April 2, 2013

Little Arrowhead

Little Arrowhead Shawl

I started this project almost two years ago and recently found it in a file drawer.   I lost interest in knitting a shawl but I like my projects finished so I bound it off.  It is a perfect kerchief and scarf.  The silver sparkle in the yarn is appreciated by the BGITWWW who can wear this as a cape when she plays dress-up.

...Happy Trails...