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January 17, 2016

Happy Knits

A House of A La Mode 

I spent hours without power the other night but time flew surfing the web for "house paint a la mode."  My research took a wonderful turn and far away from house paint.  I was feeling like a RipVanWinklette; asleep in the knitting world for 20 years without the benefit of moonshine.

I found beautiful hand painted yarn;  House of A La Mode on Andrea Mowry's blog.  I learned HappyKnits sells it.

Timing is everything!! I emailed Happy Knits and learned a delivery of House of A La Mode was arriving at their shop that very same day and on their website early evening.  I'm on the East coast so the time difference worked out beautifully for me.

At work, in an elevator I seized the moment to place my first order of Stunning Single Ply DK in colorways Od'e to Anthro and Star Light, Star Bright.   The yarn arrived quickly, wrapped up in vivid colored tissue with little gifts and a personal note on the receipt.  WOW!!!!  The yarn is very stunning indeed!

Od'e to Anthro

Star Light, Star Bright

I placed a second order but this time I chose Bangin Bulky in Od'e to Anthro and Star Light, Star Bright. The order arrived quickly in bright colored tissue with a gift and note on the invoice.  I love the bulky!

Bangin Bulky in Od'e to Anthro

Bangin Bulky in Light,  Star Bright

I'm awake now!  Both Daughter-who-knits and Daughter-who-doesn't-knit favor Od'e to Anthro and I.LOVE.THEM.ALL!

...Happy Trails....

January 6, 2016

Yarn MOJO: Bangin Bulky, Fancy Fingering, Stunning Single Ply...

Charmed, Dazzled, Enchanted

with House of A La Mode 

It all began on a bitter cold night during a Nor'easter.  I arrived home after a late shift at the hospital to find the power to my home was out (no heat, no lights, no running water).  The power company reported power restoration was 3 hours (4 a.m.).

Nearly prepared for such an inconvenience I put on my lovely Rowan's Chunky Alpaca hat and socks and Koigu fingerless mitts.  I turned the sofa into a lean-to-tent using a down comforter and lots and lots of pillows.  I strategically placed several beeswax candles in their safety cups across a bench in front of the sofa and lit them.  I settled down into my "tent".   The heat from the candle flames flowed in and it warmed up nicely!   I grabbed my iPhone and its portable lithium-ion battery and settled down.

Already thinking of Spring and home improvements I went on-line searching for house paint.  A co-worker suggested paint called "a la mode."  I typed:   "paint house a la mode"

The results went something like this (pay particular attention to #5 and #6):

  • Heirloom Traditions- A La Mode - Heirloom Traditions Paint
  • SW 7116 A La Mode - Paint Color - Sherwin-Williams
  • Glidden DUO 1-gal. #GLO19 Peach A La Mode Eggshell Interior Paint ...
  • Chalk Paint - A La Mode Quart- Heirloom Traditions
  • Ravelry: House of A La Mode Stunning DK
  • Tinsel Mitts with House of A La Mode - 3 styles, 5 sizes — Drea Renee ...

  • Skipping the paint searches completely I clicked on "Tinsel Mitts."  I was taken to a lovely designer's blog, Andrea Mowry.  I spent at least 90 minutes looking at her knitting patterns and reading her blog where I first learned of:

    Beta Jezek:  HedgeHogFibers
    Heather Bostic:   House of A La Mode
    Steven West:  West Knits 

    I read about House of A La Mode on dreareneeknits so I clicked on Ravelry. The link took me to House of A La Mode's yarns of various weights and fibers in stunning colorways.  I noted my favorites and clicked on "buy this yarn online HAPPY KNITS" and learned colorways and quantities were limited.  It was all so beautiful and so far away!  It was also 4 in the morning and still no power so I snuffed the candles, pulled out some pillows and let the duvet fall down on me

    By the way, I purchased the pattern Tinsel Mitts!  I also found my paint: Pratt & Lambert.  The closest supplier is a 90 minute drive (one way) and the cost is about $49 a gallon.  Hmmm...that is about 2 skeins of House of A La Mode!! What's it gonna be:  House Paint or House of A La Mode?  It's too early to buy paint...

    ...Happy Trails....

    November 27, 2015

    Tosh Posh Mitts

    MadelineTosh Sock Yarn: Mandala
    Pattern:  Align Mitts by Courtney Spainhower

    There was yarn left from my Posh Tosh Beanie so I decided to knit a pair of hand warmers to go with.  This is a well written pattern that is easily memorized.  I used my short US 3 circulars so it was a fast knit for me (although my trigger finger got locked up once in a while).

    The Align Mitts and Basic Beanie make a very special gift set!

    ...Happy Trails....