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November 17, 2015

Madeline Tosh Posh Beanie

Martine Ellis Pattern:  Basic Beanie 
Yarn: Madeline Tosh Sock in Mandala
Needles:  US 3 shorty circulars

November 4:  I cast on 128 stitches.   I have been knitting outside!  I hope this is pre-*Indian Summer*! (I don't think we have had a frost yet, but perhaps we have.)  It is lovely to be knitting with this yarn outside in November.

I am knitting this for a petite co-worker.  She gave me color ideas but she had no idea what I chose!  I had her try the beanie on for length before I finished the decreases and she pointed to the colors that match her winter coat!  

The crown (over my Fun-O-Rama bucket) reminds me of motorcyle-spoke-wheels! 

November 14, 2015:  Completed with a gentle soak and dry out to do.

I knit the basic beanie without the slouch.  This pattern is easy to follow and I love the motorcycle-spoke-wheel look at the crown.

Overall length is 9.5".  Smoothing out the hat with minimal stretching the ribbing measures 1.5" and measuring straight up from the upper edge of rib to center of crown measures 8". 

This fits my coworker but I think I could have cast on 8 stitches less and knit it 3/4s of an inch shorter.  She insists it feels good but I fear a strong wind would send it on an adventure.  It feels loose on my daughters but they like hats tight.  I love the fit on me!

I have enough yarn to knit a pair of fingerless gloves to go with this beanie.  I am going to see if ALIGN MITTS will work for this!

I have some Koigu KPPM I want to use for this pattern and I will keep it for myself! 

                                                              .....Happy Trails....

September 26, 2015


Pattern:  Purl SoHo's Braided Cable Cowl
Yarn: Purl Soho's Merino Script in Super Pink
Needle Size: US 11

BGITWWW modeled the unfinished cowl incognito in my vintage BollĂ© shades. Hence the cornball name InCowlNeato.

With only 11 rows and seaming left I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH YARN to finish this.  One skein has a 6" tail while the other skein has about 4 yards -- still not enough to double and finish.  If both skeins ended with the longer tail I might have had a chance...

I used the provisional cast on for this project.  I have not decided if I will use a 3 needle bind off or the kitchner Stitch (which I have never done before).  

Super Pink is shockingly neon.  

Daughter-who-doesn't-knit loves the color and the softness of the yarn.  When she saw this wip it was half done.  I noticed a cable knitted in the wrong direction so I frogged to row 4 (yes, row 4) that very same night.  

I knit a few rows every day and ticked off each row as I completed them.  Using highlighters I highlighted "cables front" in pink and "cables back" in yellow.  No more cables in the wrong direction! 

The yarn is soft but it has fuzzies and matts so I keep it on tissue paper when I knit or lay it out to check for errors. I can't wait to see how the seaming goes.

                                          ...Happy Trails....

August 22, 2015

Sky Blue Winter Beater Cowl

Pattern:  Purl SoHo's Bandana Cowl

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpcas Hand Dyed Worsted
One Skein, Sky Blue

My Sky Blue Winter Beater Cowl