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October 21, 2009

The Only Flame in Town

This flame pattern is similar to my original chart with just enough changes to make a difference. My knitting charts are free to copy and use, but a link back to my blog or a reference noting the knitting chart belongs to Bikerchicknits is appreciated. Knowing there is interest will light a fire under me to create more knitting charts.

[Click on the image and print.]

Here is an example of the chart repeated three times.

[Click on the image and print.]

Flaming possibilities are endless. I have seen a tote bag, socks, head and wrist bands, cardigan, hats and a felted rug using my charts. Enjoy!

...Happy trails...

October 14, 2009

Bad to the Skull and Crossbones Chart

Plundering allowed by all ye Jolly Roger fans.
Click on the image and print.

By request, I have uploaded the knitting graph of two Skull and Crossbones. Both designs are fun to use on scarfs, hats, socks, head bands, tote bags, etc. One example of a little pirate whimsy is here.

...Happy trails...

October 12, 2009

Warner's Fall Festival 2009

The temperature rose and the sun came out. We had lots of fun with the theme being "Then and Now". There were bumblebees, dizzy dragons, marching bands, raffles too and just the right amount of confectionary sugar on the fried dough. I especially liked going down the slide. It "is very high up and very long, and shiny-like-mica, right Nan?"

With All Hallow's Eve around the corner, the next adventure should be Shipwrecks of Salem Sound boat tour at Pickering Wharf in Salem, MA.

...Happy trails...

October 3, 2009

19th Annual Keene Pumpkin Festival

The 19th Annual Keene Pumpkin Festival
Saturday, October 17, 2009
(Take the bikes & double up on sparse parking space! )

In 1991 600 carved pumpkins were lit around Central Square and the 2008 record is over 22,000! The question is "Will 2009 be the year the record is broken again?"

Community Night is Friday, October 16th, from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Take along your carved pumpkin and 3" candle and have it officially logged in.

One of the great entertainment features of the Keene Pumpkin Festival® is three stages of live music. There are special events for the children which include a Children's Costume Parade. The teens can take a shot at the Climbing Wall and enter the Seed Spitting contest.

The Bitter Sweet Season

On the homefront I like to putter out of doors; tending to the perennials and the moss garden, reading, or enjoying a day at the beach or Pow Wow, alone or with the best of company (who never complain if I bring along some knitting). It's all warm fuzzies with lots of fresh air and sun.

...but the signs that Old Man Winter is approaching are all around; leaves have reached peak color, daylight hours are shorter, nights are chilly. I really should get out the cashmere and knit some warm wear just for me. I know only three people (men) who look forward to the shorter days and colder nights. CRAZY! I know. Soon any biker festivity will be off road, confined to a clubhouse, function hall, or a good bar ;o).

Sadly, I missed the Harvest Moon Festival last weekend at the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum and the Fire & Iron Motorcycle Club rescheduled the Station 102's Fall Foliage (Benefit) Ride for today until tomorrow.

Sunday's forecast is sun. Let us hope so, as the rain has been relentless. I almost feel sorry for the leaf peepers. They travel world wide to ooh-awe over New England's Fall foliage and then it rains, it always does, but they wait for the sun. I have always wondered why when the sun is out they (leaf peepers) do not remove their sun glasses. They are denying themselves the natural splendor for which they came to see.   Do they realize that? 

With nice weather in the forecast, check out Warner's Fall Festival and Keene's Pumpkin Festival. Both festivals evoke community spirit and a lot of fun for all. October 10th is the grand opening of the Indian Museum Exhibit in the new Museum of Springfield in Springfield, MA. Vote for your favorite vintage or classic auto or motorcycle.

The Winnipesaukee Scenic Rail provides transportation into and out of Weirs Beach " for the Annual Laconia Bike Week event but you can also step aboard the Hobo or Winnipesaukee Rail Road for a Fall Foliage Tour of New England by train.

Ya just never know what purty thangs can be found at a pit stop ....

...Happy trails.....

P.S. I think we set our clocks back November 1. We "fall back" at 2 a.m. giving Trick or Treaters an extra hour of daylight on All Hallow's Eve.