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July 21, 2007

Biker Babe Flames Hat

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Amber said...

I want one!! Check out damseldesigns to see the skull hat!

vTwin said...

If you frog my banner, I'll knit you a

amochka said...

your flame hat rocks. I spent an entire day this weekend with graph paper and colored pencils trying to come up with a flame hat pattern, and then I found your site. You can't keep such bad ass cool flame-age to should totally post the pattern...I love the yarn choice looks great!

vTwin said...

Thank you! This is a new blog so I am thrilled to be getting comments. I totally relate to the weekend with graph paper and colored pencils.

I have more flames in the fire (so to speak) but I must finish several projects for other people first.

Do you still need a colored graph of flames? I would ask that you credit bikerchicknits if my chart isn't modified.

amochka said...

I would love to see your graphed pattern. Mine is turning out okay (I haven't gotten to the crown quite yet), but I'm finding it tough to carry four colors, which I haven't done before. I've only done fair isle with two at a time. It looks like you just carried all four balls and didn't do bobbins...??
It's kind of a pain and my tension isn't fabulous, but hey, it's an experiment. I think it's also yarn choice, it looked like what you chose to use knit up very nicely. I may try that...

If I use any part of your pattern for any hat, etc. for a friend (or myself!!) I would tell everyone where I got the fact, I made my graphed pattern while in a music studio last weekend while my husband's band was recording, and everyone...the band members, the sound guy...everyone saw the 'saga of the flame pattern' as I graphed it out and I showed off your website, saying, "see..that's the idea I'm going with here.." and they also liked your flames :)My flames are very different..I can post my pattern too if you'd like..
I'll post a photo of my finished hat when I'm done..

VTwin said...

Finally! I sat down and re-created a knitting graph/chart of my bikerchicknit's logo/banner and flames hat and converted it into an Adobe pdf file.

Adobe's pdf trial is here:

I need to print the file so that I can scan the image, but once that is done I will upload it! All for one and one for all!