Not your typical hellcat biker chic and
Li'l Deb would say "that's not a bad thing!"

February 19, 2011


This is my 2nd Hermione Hearts Ron Hat.  This time I used Ella Rae Bamboo Silk I received as a gift from the BGITWWW.   (Pattern by Christy Aylesworth on Ravelry) 

...Happy Trails...

Sugar on Snow in the Half Shell

It's Maple Sugaring time and NH maple producers are tapping sugar maple trees for their sap.  I get a fresh jug of maple syrup from "Lyle" every March, otherwise I wouldn't be a Vermonster.

For Sugar on Snow you need 100% pure maple syrup and fresh clean hard packed snow.  I boiled what was left from last Spring's syrup to the "hard  ball" stage and drizzled on snow.  For fun I packed snow into sea shells from Sanibel & Captiva Islands.   It's fun to pick and prep a bank of snow outside and have Sugar on Snow out in nature but the high wind warning kept us inside.
Dug down for a bucket of clean snow.

 Packed snow into shells & drizzled boiled syrup on the snow.

Yum Yum ate it up!

...Happy Trails...