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November 27, 2015

Tosh Posh Mitts

MadelineTosh Sock Yarn: Mandala
Pattern:  Align Mitts by Courtney Spainhower

There was yarn left from my Posh Tosh Beanie so I decided to knit a pair of hand warmers to go with.  This is a well written pattern that is easily memorized.  I used my short US 3 circulars so it was a fast knit for me (although my trigger finger got locked up once in a while).

The Align Mitts and Basic Beanie make a very special gift set!

...Happy Trails....

November 17, 2015

Madeline Tosh Posh Beanie

Martine Ellis Pattern:  Basic Beanie 
Yarn: Madeline Tosh Sock in Mandala
Needles:  US 3 shorty circulars

November 4:  I cast on 128 stitches.   I have been knitting outside!  I hope this is pre-*Indian Summer*! (I don't think we have had a frost yet, but perhaps we have.)  It is lovely to be knitting with this yarn outside in November.

I am knitting this for a petite co-worker.  She gave me color ideas but she had no idea what I chose!  I had her try the beanie on for length before I finished the decreases and she pointed to the colors that match her winter coat!  

The crown (over my Fun-O-Rama bucket) reminds me of motorcyle-spoke-wheels! 

November 14, 2015:  Completed with a gentle soak and dry out to do.

I knit the basic beanie without the slouch.  This pattern is easy to follow and I love the motorcycle-spoke-wheel look at the crown.

Overall length is 9.5".  Smoothing out the hat with minimal stretching the ribbing measures 1.5" and measuring straight up from the upper edge of rib to center of crown measures 8". 

This fits my coworker but I think I could have cast on 8 stitches less and knit it 3/4s of an inch shorter.  She insists it feels good but I fear a strong wind would send it on an adventure.  It feels loose on my daughters but they like hats tight.  I love the fit on me!

I have enough yarn to knit a pair of fingerless gloves to go with this beanie.  I am going to see if ALIGN MITTS will work for this! (I have some Koigu KPPM to use for this pattern for myself!)

...Happy Trails....

November 16, 2015

Lobster Bisque in the Winter Time

Cape Cod Fibers

Lobster Pot Hand Dyed Cashmere

 Lobster Bisque Cowl

This is quick to knit for last minute gift giving.
 The pattern came with my first purchase of Lobster Pot Cashmere Hand Dyed Cashmere years ago. 

This cashmere is my favorite for it’s softness and lovely colors.

                                                                      .....Happy Trails....

September 26, 2015


Pattern:  Purl SoHo's Braided Cable Cowl
Yarn: Purl Soho's Merino Script in Super Pink
Needle Size: US 11

BGITWWW modeled the unfinished cowl incognito in my vintage Bollé shades. Hence the cornball name InCowlNeato.

With only 11 rows and seaming left I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH YARN to finish this.  One skein has a 6" tail while the other skein has about 4 yards -- still not enough to double and finish.  If both skeins ended with the longer tail I might have had a chance...

I used the provisional cast on for this project.  I have not decided if I will use a 3 needle bind off or the kitchner Stitch (which I have never done before).  

Super Pink is shockingly neon.  

Daughter-who-doesn't-knit loves the color and the softness of the yarn.  When she saw this wip it was half done.  I noticed a cable knitted in the wrong direction so I frogged to row 4 (yes, row 4) that very same night.  

I knit a few rows every day and ticked off each row as I completed them.  Using highlighters I highlighted "cables front" in pink and "cables back" in yellow.  No more cables in the wrong direction! 

The yarn is soft but it has fuzzies and matts so I keep it on tissue paper when I knit or lay it out to check for errors. I can't wait to see how the seaming goes.

                                          ...Happy Trails....

August 22, 2015

Sky Blue Winter Beater Cowl

Pattern:  Purl SoHo's Bandana Cowl

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpcas Hand Dyed Worsted
One Skein, Sky Blue

My Sky Blue Winter Beater Cowl

July 25, 2015

Easy à la mode Crayons Cowl

Pattern:  Sayon by Christian Burkhard
Yarn:  Lismi Knits Ascona in Crayons


This is the first time I have started a pattern with an I CORD cast on.  
It is worth the extra time and I love it!  

I finished the I Cord cast off on my cowl during a work break and a co-worker thought I knit a “70s tube top.”  I happened to have it at the lake over the weekend to show daughter-who-knits and she popped it right on to model (as a tube top).  

My I Cord Cast On 

...Happy Trails....

May 10, 2015

NH Sheep & Wool Festival May 2015

Soak up the sun is what we did!

The N H Sheep & Wool Festival was held in Deerfield, NH again; more then a two hour trip for me (one way).  I prefer the Hopkinton Fairgrounds location.  Hopkinton is an easier drive and there were more vendors.   Three of my favorite suppliers do not go to Deerfield.

The weather forecast was 84 degrees and sunny.  Yes, 84 in May.  I left my home at 06:30 and the outside temp was 40! Still, I dressed for the forecast in a Patagonia skirt with side zippers, a linen J Crew tee and sandals.  I didn't bring my hand knit wear because they are Fall/Winter weight.  We arrived at 09:15 and as soon as I stepped out of the car I wanted a cap, cardigan and fingerless gloves!!   The wind blew cold and the vendors were in shade!  90 minutes later we sat on a bench to sss..sss...soak up the sun.

I bought one skein of his lovely yarn from Good Karma Farm.  The vendor was knitting a colorful sock using a "Knitting Jenny."  It was very interesting to watch as several rows of flawless knitting was done in seconds!  I want one of those "Knitting Jennys" and I don't even knit socks!

Daughter-who-knits, the BGITWW and I enjoyed delicious donuts from "Rollin' in the Dough Bakery."  This bakery did not skimp on the size of their baked goods and their Bavarian/Boston Cream donuts are the best I have ever eaten.   I wish I had one now.

I bought the following two patterns and yarn from LISMI KNITS:

"Sayon":  a cowl pattern with a textured stitch for warmth and an I-Cord cast on!  The bright and cheery multi color yarn is Ascona II, a superwash wool in Crayons!

"Esther":  a charming shawl that caught my eye because the pattern reminds me of the Arts and Crafts stained glass in the house I grew up in.  The yarn is called Ascona, a lovely merino, silk, nylon & metallic blend. The SPARKLE got my attention.  I haven't decided what to buy for the second color.

Useful and wise freebies from the State of NH:

...Happy   Trails....

May 8, 2015

Day Trippers

The plan was to take the BGITWWW to the ocean during vacation but the 5-day weather forecast was not agreeable for beach combing.  The clouds were up to no good.

I told the 10 year old for the next 5 days we could go on mini adventures and asked if there were any special places she would like to go.  She emailed she would "REALLY REALLY" like to go to:

VINS (Vermont Institute of Natural Science) in Quechee, Vermont

Upper Valley Aquatic Center in White River Jct., Vermont

Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich, Vermont

Monshire Museum of Science

Color Mixing

 Color Shadow  

Hot Cold 

Once I find my media card I will post photos of  our outing to the Vermont Institute of Natural Science and the Upper Valley Aquatic Center.

I chose:

Billings Farm and Museum in Woodstock, Vermont

My mother took my daughters to Billings when they were in grade school.  I decided to repeat history.  My granddaughter is about the same age as her mama and Auntie were when they visited the Farm. Time really does fly.

We visited on May Day.  I had plans to celebrate May Day with a little May Pole dancing in Wilton but this was also grand opening day for the season at Billings.  Woodstock is closer and Vermont's oldest yarn shop Whipple Tree is near by.

We stopped at Timber Village Antique Mall in Quechee, VT to look for vintage buttons only to be told our favorite button vendor left.  BGITWWW said she enjoyed looking at all the antique things for kids.  She finds it interesting to see what they wore for clothes and played with (even though some of the old dolls looked scarey).

I told her when I was her age before all those buildings were built it was a beautiful field and one of the best Fairs was held there every summer; The Quechee Fair!!!  AND my parents, her great grandparents were volunteer workers at the food tables that sold the famous waffle ice cream sandwich.  They were kept in huge freezer chest! Why they aren't still made today is an unsolved mystery and a crying shame.  Those waffles were deep pocketed and crunchy and the ice cream was sweet and smooth.

We were hungry so walked over to the Quechee Diner.  Sadly, it was closed for repair so we went to a restaurant nearby. I forget the name at the moment (it's on my bank statement though)  and it had the worse service and food I have had to pay for in years!  Not able to eat it for lunch because it was still frozen in the center the waitress said OH SORRY, I'll get containers and you can reheat them at home.  $38.00 for frozen chicken fingers, a frozen hot dog, cold coffee and cold hot chocolate!  (YES!!) No manager on the premises.
However, as we were walking down the stairs we stepped aside for a group of Avon scented silver haired ladies and one asked how's the food?  I smiled when  they turned and walked out the door before we did. 
Back on Route 4 we soon found our way to Billings.  I learned it is a blink away from The Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park.  I had always thought Billings was a quaint little Vermont farm with a few barn animals.  Now decades later I know the significance of Mom's "I took the girls to Billings Farm."  Sorry mom!

We parked, strolled until we found our way to The Visitor's Center.  We bought our tickets, and with the map and free ice cream tickets set off on our mini adventure.

It was a step back in time when we took the Frederick Billings and the Farm House guided tour. BGITWWW was very interested and asked questions and later spoke up with confidence when she was asked questions about the history of this "working farm"!  I was very proud of her and happy that she was enjoying her time there.

Next, we took our map and toured on our own.  The chicken barn had the cutest fluffiest plump peeps I have ever seen! The cow barn was full of very impressive Jersey cows and a particularly adorable  "Cow Eyed" calf !   We checked out the Milk Room too.

Then we came upon the draft horses! BGITWWW was in awe of the white Percheron horses, Jim and Joe and the black Percherons, Lynne and Sue.  It was feeding time for them.  She would've if she could've kept them company all day and into the night.

Jim & Joe and BGITWWW

Being a knitter I wanted to see the Southdown sheep.  They were not in the pasture but we spotted a sign on a door "Sheep" or something like that so we took a peek in and there they were.  One was quite the ham when it came to taking his picture.

The lambs were quite curious when we whispered hello to them.

The sun popped out from beind the clouds so we walked to the Dairy Bar.  We enjoyed our free cup of very delicious ice cream as we sat on a bench soaking up the sun!

Our last stop was the gift shop to get little gifts for her parents.  She chose roving wool from their own Southdown ewes for her crafty mom and dad got a cob of dried corn ready for popping and candy!

Checking out I spotted something shiney on the counter.  It was a silver horse shoe!  We were told it was just delivered and belonged to Sue, the black Percheron and they (the shoes) don't come around to the gift shop very often.   I told BGITWWW it was luck that we happend to be there and I could use another lucky horse shoe.  She agreed saying it was very pretty and we had perfect timing!!

I surprised BGITWWW with a trip to the cinema to watch Sir Kenneth Branagh's CINDERELLA. The surprise was on both of us.  We had our own private viewing because we were the only two in the theatre!

I have been researching front entrance ideas for a home makeover so it wasn't odd that I noticed the urns at the entrance to Cinderella's parent's house; one stood straight while the other was slightly askew. Tsk!

The BGITWWW said she did not hear the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo song.  Neither did I, so whatever version was sung we didn't recognize it.  I told her we will have to watch it when it becomes available to buy or rent.   Seriously!  There are some things you should not ever take artistic liberties with!!

Her mother asked
How was the movie?
BGITWWW replied
Uhh...well.... "we" got a little emotional, but the movie was G R E A T! 
I would not have had these educational, inspiring and wonderful mini adventures had it not been for the BGITWWW.  As Ella would say "Have courage and be kind"!

...Happy Trails....

April 26, 2015

My Time Out Cardi

# 27 Cardigan by Lana Grossa
Yarn: Garzata Baby
11 Skeins in Silver

My Winter "Time Out" Cardi

My home is heated with electricity during the winter months.  My electric bill suggests the opposite,  but some areas of the house are not quite warm enough in January and February.

I knit the smallest size knowing it would be at least one size too big.  I wanted my cardigan roomy, soft and warm and it is all three.  The color is lovely too.

It was fun picking up stitches and knitting the ribbed edge.  The shawl like collar will keep my neck warm.  The sleeves have a lot of bind offs which made seaming a challenge and the finished look is not as "clean" as I would like.   

I will not turn up the heat!   


This is my first time knitting pockets.  I like the look of the pockets on the front but the lining seam is bulky.  If I knit this again I would have faux pockets - no lining!  

There was a bit of pilling so it's perfect for "Time-Out" on the sofa when I knit, watch Masterpiece Theatre, read or use the lap top...basically less activity equals less friction on the fabric.   

I have an extra skein of yarn and will knit a wide ear warmer or a beanie.

...Happy Trails....

March 22, 2015

Blue Sky Alpcas Cable Fingerless Gloves

Pattern: One Cable Mitts by Valerie Teppo

Yarn:  Blue Sky Alpacas Hand Dyed Worsted
One Skein: Aqua

Needle US 9

These knit up quite fast!  I used my US 9 circular "shorty" needle.  I chose this pattern to test knit thumb gussets which went quite well.  My plan is to knit these mitts in Debbie Bliss Chunky Alpaca to go with the Cabled Scarf I knit ... if the cable part can be easily swapped out for a match.   

...Happy Trails....