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December 24, 2012

It's Christmas Time Again...

Orange Clove Pomander

Vintage Angel, Elf and Santa


Vintage Christmas tree ornaments of mercury, glitter and gold.

...Happy Trails...

December 20, 2012

Christmas Stocking Supersized (just for Melinda)

Sadly, Melinda's grandmother passed away.  Melinda's grandmother knit her grandchildren and (I think) great grandchildren Christmas stockings.  Melinda asked if I would knit a special "non-traditional no red-green" Christmas stocking for her.  I felt it was in honor and memory of her grandmother, who I imagined was an advanced knitter.

I have never knit a Christmas stocking before and had very little experience with heels and double point needles.  But of course I said yes!  I was flattered she asked me! I even got fancy and learned how to knit a picot edge for the top "cuff" carrying Rowan's "Shimmer" in silver for a few rows.

I knit only the snowflake section from the pattern chart.  I added two garter stitch rows, also carrying Rowan's Shimmer yarn for a little sparkle and texture.  I should have taken a photo of the stocking stuffed with the red lining exposed.  The red lining matches the vintage red jingle bells.

The Christmas Snowflakes Stocking pattern is by Laura Gebhardt and free!

Rowan's Shimmer sparkle is just what this stocking needed.  
The bells make a sweet jingle.

Faux Snow Picot Edged Cuff

Melinda's big boot for lots of Santa loot.

I made a point to relax my knitting when I picked up the contrasting yarn but there are areas where the knitting is tight.  Blocking helped a little but I need to read up on how to get an even tension.  

 Shimmery lining and jingle bells.

The fabric has a nice sheen in red with a hint of pink.  The lining will protect the "wrong side" of the snowflakes from snags.   For Melinda (because "she's worth it" and I want this stocking to last) I sewed French seams for stability and protection against fraying. I added a loop of the same fabric for hanging.  I hand stitched it with an invisible stitch to secure the top of the lining to the edge of the knit cuff.  

I do wish the foot bed was not so big, but I know a girl is going to be thrilled once that stocking has been filled!!

I packed it up and gave it to my daughter to give to Melinda and I said "I hope she likes it!  I got an email "Melinda LOVED IT!!" What more could a mother and knitter want to hear!

...Happy Trails...

December 19, 2012

Rowan's Shimmer for Gift Decorating

Rowan's Shimmer in a simple crochet chain is a festive way to decorate packages for gift giving.   The stretchy chain has shine and lots of sparkle.