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December 24, 2012

It's Christmas Time Again...

Orange Clove Pomander

Vintage Angel, Elf and Santa


Vintage Christmas tree ornaments of mercury, glitter and gold.

...Happy Trails...

December 20, 2012

Christmas Stocking Supersized (just for Melinda)

Sadly, Melinda's grandmother passed away.  Melinda's grandmother knit her grandchildren and (I think) great grandchildren Christmas stockings.  Melinda asked if I would knit a special "non-traditional no red-green" Christmas stocking for her.  I felt it was in honor and memory of her grandmother, who I imagined was an advanced knitter.

I have never knit a Christmas stocking before and had very little experience with heels and double point needles.  But of course I said yes!  I was flattered she asked me! I even got fancy and learned how to knit a picot edge for the top "cuff" carrying Rowan's "Shimmer" in silver for a few rows.

I knit only the snowflake section from the pattern chart.  I added two garter stitch rows, also carrying Rowan's Shimmer yarn for a little sparkle and texture.  I should have taken a photo of the stocking stuffed with the red lining exposed.  The red lining matches the vintage red jingle bells.

The Christmas Snowflakes Stocking pattern is by Laura Gebhardt and free!

Rowan's Shimmer sparkle is just what this stocking needed.  
The bells make a sweet jingle.

Faux Snow Picot Edged Cuff

Melinda's big boot for lots of Santa loot.

I made a point to relax my knitting when I picked up the contrasting yarn but there are areas where the knitting is tight.  Blocking helped a little but I need to read up on how to get an even tension.  

 Shimmery lining and jingle bells.

The fabric has a nice sheen in red with a hint of pink.  The lining will protect the "wrong side" of the snowflakes from snags.   For Melinda (because "she's worth it" and I want this stocking to last) I sewed French seams for stability and protection against fraying. I added a loop of the same fabric for hanging.  I hand stitched it with an invisible stitch to secure the top of the lining to the edge of the knit cuff.  

I do wish the foot bed was not so big, but I know a girl is going to be thrilled once that stocking has been filled!!

I packed it up and gave it to my daughter to give to Melinda and I said "I hope she likes it!  I got an email "Melinda LOVED IT!!" What more could a mother and knitter want to hear!

...Happy Trails...

December 19, 2012

Rowan's Shimmer for Gift Decorating

Rowan's Shimmer in a simple crochet chain is a festive way to decorate packages for gift giving.   The stretchy chain has shine and lots of sparkle.  

November 2, 2012

Tiny Cauldron Cache Pot of Summer Treasures

This Tiny Cauldron is a free pattern from Tiny Owl Knits.  It's perfect to show off our summer beach combing treasures.  The yarn is Debbie Bliss Como in Aqua.

I considered doing the felting stage a second time but decided I like this cauldron as it is. I have more room for our summer treasures.  The yarn was intended for the 7 point Fairy Star Chair Mat but I did not have a full skein of Como.
This knit up fast and it took no time at all to knit and sew on the handles.

September 28, 2012

Bedknobs and Broomsticks Cowl

Another charming pattern from Tiny Owl Knits

Literally, One skein Blue Sky Alpaca Hand Dyed. 
US 9 Needles



8.5 x 19.5" Unblocked/Unstretched

I am so pro-provisional cast on and 3 needle bind-off I didn't think about the extra bulk or matching up the pattern.   

September 14, 2012

A Tiny Cauldron

 A free pattern from Tiny Owl Knits

One skein and hard to find, Debbie Bliss Como in Aqua.
US 15  Needle

Tiny Cauldron Pre-Felt Stage
 Cauldron knit in the round and handles whip stitched on.

Side View

Bottoms Up 

This yarn was intended for the 7 point Fairy Star Chair Mat but I didn’t have a full skein.

This was fun to knit.  I don't much like hand stitching but it took no time at all to whip stitch the handles onto the cauldron.  I’ll hand felt it according to the pattern instructions when I have an hour to sit in the sun.

...Happy Trails...

September 3, 2012

Fairy Star Fun Under the Blazing Sun & a Blue Moon

7 Point Fairy Star Chair Mat 

My plan was to cast on and off under the blue moon sky while staying at a new favorite ocean view Inn,  but it just wasn't in the stars.  I didn't have the required 16" US15 circular needle until early evening (thanks to Yarn Sellar).

I was in sticker shock ($25+tax) but so excited to have the needles I forgot to buy the size P crochet hook for this pattern.   On the way home I bought the last one at a JoAnn's

A free pattern from Tiny Owl Knits

This is a single mat with light blocking. It is very soft.   

I've never knit with super bulky yarn or used US 15 needles so it took a few cast ons to end with a short tail. I started with the correct gauge but ended up attaching the second skein to finish the last 9 double crochets. The pattern calls for one skein per mat so I obviously didn't knit tight enough.  I didn't want to frog-it-all so left it as a single mat. 
Always a Silver Lining:  I will use the remaining second skein to knit the "Tiny Cauldron."  I did get to knit during a stunning sunset and under the most beautiful blue moon I have ever seen.  It was especially nice to be at the ocean, having the best of time with the best of company.  

A fairy's eye view.

Perspective:  A single mat with minimal blocking is too small for the seat on my bistro chair, but very special and sweet in it's singleness. 
Now that I have tested this pattern I am confident I could knit up some very nice sets (doubled) to give as gifts.  I'll be searching for some nice cotton blends over the next month.  Thank you, Tiny Owl Knits!

...Happy Trails... 

August 17, 2012

Barbie's Knit Sun Dress

This pattern is named Bow-trimmed Sundress for Barbie or Skipper and a snap to knit.  Even though I knit the bow we decided not to add it, but we may add a belt and matching clutch of narrow grossgrain ribbon in a coordinating color. 

I can use this pattern and make simple changes for different looks.  It is easy to:
  • Add single or double straps in various widths
  • Knit it mini, midi or maxi length
  • Knit decorative edges at the top and bottom
I used scrap yarn: Staccato "Kitchen" which may not be a good choice because of pooling but my granddaughter and I love this yarn and the colorway, and Skipper has a simple top and skirt knit from the same yarn. 

....Happy Trails....

July 1, 2012

VTwin's Knitting Aide: The Fun O Rama Bucket

I can't say enough good things about my Fun O Rama bucket.  It took 300 points to "win" it and worth every penny quarter. 

Every time I reach for it I remember time well spent at the ocean.

...Happy Trails...

May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

May 28, 2012

This is the first year out of many that I did not have Lilacs, Violets and Lily of the Valley in bloom to make my Memorial Day sprays.  This spray has Bluets, Creeping Phlox, true Forget Me Knot and Speedwell.  Afterall, it's the thought that counts.

The Stars and Stripes backdrop is a Martha Stewart clip art and printed on recycled paper.  A piece of biodegradable string holds the spray  (the ribbon will be removed at the time of remembrance).

...Happy Trails.....

May 20, 2012

1st Run: Skipper's Simple Sweater Top & Skirt

"Evacuate the Dance Floor"

I know this top and skirt isn't a suitable dance outfit but "Evacuate the Dance Floor" was playing while I was taking photos...

While taking photos I noticed Skipper must have had a bad hair cut back in the late 80s early 90s.  I knit a quick little roll brim hat for her.

1st Run:  Skipper's Simple Sweater Top and Simple Skirt

...Happy Trails.......the beach is calling...

May 19, 2012

Skipper's Simple Sweater Top

I'm working on a sweater top to go with Skipper's Simple Skirt.  I don't want sleeves because Skipper has an arm that occassionally falls off.  She's been tossed around over the years.

The first time my granddaughter took her in the tub for a dive she thought she broke it.  "Oh No, her arm fell off Nannee!" said she.   I told her not to worry, it fell off years ago.  She cheered "Well, that's OK! We'll pretend she broke it diving."  I showed her how to pop it back in the socket.  Skipper hasn't missed a single tub time.

I kept stitches live on either side and knit up the middle front. I later removed the bind off on the front section to keep these stitches live too. 

After knitting the sides for the back I slipped all stitches onto one dbl pointed needle. The needle holds the front and back stitches "live."

I purled one row.  This connected the shoulders and secured the armholes! Next row is a knit row: bind off snug.

The bind off finished the neckline.  Next time I will knit a few extra rows before binding off to create a rolled collar.  I sewed two snaps on the back. 

Skipper's Simple Sweater Tee and Simple Skirt (not blocked).

Simple Sweater Top

  • Knit flat
  • No seams
  • Automatic armholes
  • Bind off neckline finish
  • Two large snaps at back for easy dressing

I took notes and will improve Skipper's Simple Sweater Tee.  I think it is too long and needs some shape with a nicer neckline. 

...Happy Trails......gotta get back to the show...