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August 4, 2007

Bad To The Skull & Crossbones

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WhoHoo!! Youth's Skull and Crossbones Hat: Buh-Bubba-BBBad

  • The underside of the brim and the skull and crossbones were knitted in white and the rest in black. Less than a full skein of each color was used.

  • My daughter knit this and suggests only the skull and crossbones be knitted in white and black for everything else, but it will take more than one skein of black (two should do it).

  • The skull and crossbones design was taken from a few different free patterns and modified.

Debbie Bliss cotton/angora: 1 skein white, 1 skein black
US size 8 needles (Addi 16" and Brittany dpn).
Youth size, about a 18" circumference.

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Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!


vTwin said...

Hurrah! Someone found me! Thank you, and I checked out Thought & Humor: Very VERY Good! ;O)

Jessi said...

I can't figure out how to get this pattern...HELP??????I must get some of these awesome hats done before Christmas..Is it no long available?

VTwin said...

J - The hat is a simple roll brim pattern using a hat generator: (scroll down the page to find the generator). Daughter created the skull & crossbones chart. If she still has it I will scan and post it. It might take a few days so check back on the weekend. Thank you for your interest.

VTwin said...

Jessi - go to today's post or clock on the Skull and Crossbones link under the picture of the hat. Have fun.

VTwin said... would be clIck on........