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December 27, 2010

Just in the St Nick of Time

For Christmas I asked daughter-who-knits for a cheery hat that is warm, soft, and will shield my eyes and cover my ears from high winds that swirl up snow devils.  

Look what I got on Christmas day.

...and the night after Christmas we had the beginning of our first Nor'easter with typical cold, high wind, snow drifts, etc. and by the evening of the 27th we had over 20" of snow.  In the eye of the storm my hat was perfect! Perfect! and I love it! 

The yarn used is Sirdar's Click/Chunky with Wool and the pattern is the Snowboarder Hat that Rocks.  

...Happy Trails...

December 10, 2010

Rock Lobster

How could I forget to post a photo of my very loverly 100% pure cashmere mittens from daughter-who-knits?!  The pattern is in Melanie Falick's Knitting New Mittens and Gloves.

It took two skeins of Cape Cod Fiber's Lobster Pot 100% pure Cashmere from my stash.  The color is Hyrangea (my favorite colourrr).  BGITWWW picked out the recycled Eileen West mother of pearl buttons.  These are so soft and warm and I wear them on the dreariest of days because they are the cheeriest.

November 23, 2010

More Perfect Pixie's Pixie Hood

Recent comments (thank you) on Perfect Pixie's Pixie Hood inspired me to post a few more photos.  The middle image shows how neat and tidy the ties are.  No bumps or lumps, just remember ties are not meant to be tight.

Note: I knit the required length but the ribbing falls too far below the BGITWWW's ears.  She is petite so I should have thought of that.  On the bright side this is one item she will not grow out of too quickly.

...Happy Trails...

October 11, 2010

Perfect Pixie's Pixie Hood

I love the angora yarn from Cozy Rabbit Farm. It is soft, feather light and warm. The BGITWWW chose it for the “Cotton Candy” colors and she liked the “bunny fluff”.  The photos do not do justice to this Pixie Hood but it was not easy to pull a 5 year old away from Kipper, The Dog, so I am lucky to have these =o)

(BTW, the Pixie Hood link takes you to Amazon, I don't get a commission or anything, but I couldn't find the book on the author's site). 


Using the “2 and up” size as a gauge, I added a few stitches to the cast on, bearing in mind that I wanted the ribbing to begin and end on a knit stitch.

This is a quick and easy pattern to knit. Start to finish took about 3 evenings (I had to wait for more yarn and the BGITWWW to try it on before picking up the bottom for ribbing).

To minimize bumps and ends I did the following for ties:
  • Cut 3 lengths of yarn about 30” long each (you decide what is best for your project).
  • On the Right Side, go to the bottom front corner of hood, find the center 2 stitches.
To the right of the center:
  • Pull 3 strands of yarn into back side
  • Count 2 stitches over and insert yarn up through the front (left of the center).  
You now have 3 strands on the left, 2 stitches, 3 strands on right, and centered as best you can.
  • Tie half knot.
  • Make 3 groups of 2 strands each, braid to desired length.
  • Tie knot at end leaving short tail or embellish ends as you wish.  I might add a tassle or knitted flower with some bling to the Pixie point.
  • Repeat these steps for the other side.
Neat and tidy. Smooth and secure!! 

A Big Kitty Q NO NO

...Happy Trails....

October 3, 2010

I Got the Goods

We went to the 22nd Annual Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival at the Tunbridge World's Fair grounds in Tunbridge, Vermont over the weekend.  The weather was very fine.  I headed straight to Ball And Skein's booth to buy my 100% cashmere in Beach Glass.  BGITWWW read their business card and was complimented on how well of a reader she is.   

I've waited over a year to get two hanks of this amazing yarn, and in my favorite colorway!!!   Good things really do come to those who wait, and who says I'm impatient!!

Beach Glass

The BGITWWW picked out the softest angora blend yarn I have ever touched and it is from Cozy Rabbit Farm.  Talk about "eye candy" -- the colorway is candy buttons and cotton candy!  Its the perfect yarn for a cold weather bonnet.  I needed one more hank and made the call just in time to buy the last one!!   It was all meant to be. 

We headed for the hill; soaked up rays of sun and watched the Border Collie Herding demo while daughter who knits and daughter who doesn't shopped.   The demos are always educational and entertaining, and so is the BGITWWW.  BGITWWW would jump up bubbling out giggles when the sheep suddenly moved or a dog crouched low into the grass.  

She was the only one up on that hill expressing appreciation and enthusiasm.    I smiled on, wishing I had needles and pattern so I could cast on for that bonnet! 

...Happy Trails...

September 13, 2010

Vintage Barbie Knits: 2nd Generation

I actually remember buying these in the late 1970s at the Newport (NH) Apple Pie & Crafts Fair. I think the prices were $2.50 a set!  These are classic styles and still popular. They survived the moths only because they are made in yester-year acrylics.  One sweater top needs attention and now I know how to mend it!

BGITWWW asked "Please Nan, will you knit something that isn't Mama's or Auntie's and please knit it Fancy?"  Sticka till Barbie has some fabulous party clothes patterns and I am thinking of something in Lobser Pot cashmere and am on the search for nice beaded silk blends (that will stand the test of time).

September 12, 2010

Debbie Bliss Baby Shrug

Purchased 2 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino at The Yarn Sellar in York, Maine while on vacation. Three days before the baby shower and TO MY HORROR I noticed severe color variation through out the shrug (photo 2). Both skeins varied because I used the remaining 2nd skein for the ribbing and the ribbing is the darker shade. The numbers match on the bands.

Was this a manufacture defect or was color damage done due to a sunny window??
I didn’t notice this while knitting but I wouldn’t…

I don’t have photos of the completed project. 
The Pattern:  Baby Shrug/ Debbie Bliss Simply Baby
It took no time at all to knit this baby shrug and I enjoyed picking up stitches and knitting the ribbed border, but seaming the sleeves took ForEVver. Three times is not always a charm, and in the end I had to compromise my standards.

I am displeased with all the bind offs on the sleeves for such a small garment. For the time it took to be “okay” with the FO I would rather have knit an advanced pattern with neater finishing results.

The bind offs at the center bottom of the back make for a cute little dip, but the shape all but disappears if you don’t pin that area firm when blocking. Is the dip worth the two bumps on either side of the bind offs?

I will knit this again with changes:
  • Maybe I will keep the sleeve bind offs live and do one long bind off and hope that will give me the even edge I desire for a neat seam. I’ll try-as-I-go and take notes.
  • I will not bind off the back’s center bottom.
  • You bet I’ll be double checking for color match.

...Happy Trails...

September 8, 2010

Lost! Baby Shrug & Bonnet, Found! MOJO

I sit here admitting
I lost my knitting
Baby's shrug and cap
Near ready to wrap
What’s A Chic To Do?
Crank up my MOJO
Knit like a loco (hehe)
In time for the bash?
Uh, yuh uh, 'cuz I got my MOJO.   

...Happy Trails.....

January 5, 2010

Bing Sings Go To Sleep & Dream of Snow

Happy 2010

January 1 brought stormy weather and ended with no power for almost 7 hours.  Fortunately, I wasn't home.  January 2nd and 3rd brought two back-to-back slow moving storms and then we were treated to 40 degree temperatures.   

Special thanks to the plow man for keeping the driveway clear!

This photo was taken on January 4th late afternoon.  The air smelled so clean and fresh, cold! 
(The thing sticking out of the snow cap is a ruler.)

...and then the wind came through and blew cold ...

...Happy Trails...