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March 14, 2008

Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire:
Flames Graph to Inspire

My flames graph pattern created for bikerchicknit's logo/banner has finally been uploaded for your use. This flame(s) chart was also used for the Biker Babe's Flame Hat, and I am nearly finished knitting a little draw-string flame bag.

The second graph shows the flame pattern with several repeats.

The graphs on this post are yours to make free with (a link back or a reference to bikerchicknits is appreciated). Flaming possibilities are endless with this chart, and you are encouraged to post comments about your flame projects!!

This is a fun pattern to knit up and I recommend Tahki Stacy Charles Cotton Classic yarn. The mercerized cotton has a slight sheen that compliments its flameulus stitch definition. I will be knitting flames in shades of blue soon.

And here is my flame graph pattern repeated.

The graph images aren't very clear (I scanned Excel files), but I'll upload pdf files in a few days. Meanwhile click on the graphs to open the images for easier chart reading.

Any chart/graph depicting flames on bikerchicknits has been created by me influenced by a fondness of flames, through my own experiences and my collection of various flame media from biker clubs, parties, rallies, swap meets, and vintage memorabilia.

Happy knitting....