Not your typical hellcat biker chic and
Li'l Deb would say "that's not a bad thing!"

October 10, 2007

Autumn + Motorcyle Riding = Cashmere

Autumn is probably one of the best seasons for motorcycle riding in New England. The mountains and valleys burst-in-your-face with breath-taking foliage that is 100% pure Mother Nature magic and better then a "Kodak Moment."

The open air freedom of motorcycle riding is thrilling and I always wear protective gear to reduce exposure to the elements, road debris, UFOs and insects. It is amazing how much a big bug in the forehead hurts! Discomfort could actually cause the unmentionable so I do not move until I am satisfied with my gear. Any delay is minimal and will only enchance the ride - so I just give the road captain a big grin when the pack starts to gr-rumble.

The saddle bag always includes "protective gear" for my long hair. Knots and tangles from wind damage are not pretty and always require a trip to the salon. Imagine trying to detangle a skein of Rowan's Kidsilk Haze that was -tragically- tumbled in the dryer.

My stylist (influenced by Jose Eber who announced many years ago on national television that shoulder length hair was the the longest acceptable length for women over a certain age), lectured me passionately on hair breakage from wind, sun and cheap ponytail holders... until I humbly left his salon with a sensitive scalp, sleek but slightly shorter hair and $90 less in the fanny pack.

During warm weather months French braids, bandanas and my Native American leather ties minimize damage and keep my hair out of my eyes. When temps drop warm headwear is essential. Helmets keep your head dry but I've never met a helmet that kept my hair away from my eyes, minimized wind damage or kept my forehead, neck and ears warm.

With no time to knit up a nice light weight and custom cashmere hat imagine my delight when while browsing at Helium (an exceptional shoe store in Hanover, NH), I was shown this in all its cashmere cuteness:


The tag reads Another "one-of-a-kind 'e ko logic original" Handmade in Troy, NY from recycled garments containing 90 - 100% cashmere.

A very chic hat for cool weather motorcycle riding and geniusly designed. Traditional cool weather hats never provide room at the crown for my long hair and this hat is open at the top! It protects my hair from wind and keeps me warm. Bad hair problems solved!

I can wear my hair up in "Beehive" fashion (when riding) and let my hair down through the top (at the rally).

Clip On

Clip Off

This hat is soft, comfortable, stylish and warm! I love knitting with cashmere but this handmade one-of-a-kind hat by Ekologic is instant gratification.

Thank you Helium!

If you tour the open roads of New Hampshire's White Mountains and Vermont's Green Mountains keep in mind that temperatures can change from warm-fuzzy to frrfrigid as quickly as you round a turn. Dress in layers, and the layer next to your skin should have moisture wicking properties to keep you warm and dry! Look out for moose, bear, wet leaves, apples and loose gravel too.

P.S. I did the math and unless men are excluded, I'm thinking Jose is of that certain age where long hair is not acceptable ...

October 8, 2007

Autumn Leaves - Falling Rain

Stone walls and color, Woodstock, Vermont

October 7, 2007

Brown - The New Back in Black?

With no objections (it seems) brown has temporarily displaced the position of black, at least in the fashion industry. I'm constantly hearing the phrase "brown is the new black."

What if the music industry suggested ACDC remix Back in Black to Back in Brown, what if the movie industry suggested that Gary Oldman is the New Steve McQueen-Burt Lancaster-Gary Cooper-Gene Kelly-Kirk Douglas-Gregory Peck? Is that taking suggestions a little too far?

[Answer: Yes to the first suggestion, of course NO to the second]

My first grade teacher, very scary Mrs. Starey, would never allow brown to be black. She would declare it all in the name of a nonsensical marketing strategy. She would never be convinced that a complex consumer need is being fulfilled.

The last pair of footwear I purchased remotely close to brown was a pair of Frye cowgirl-like boots in the mid 80s. With brass toe plates and 3" wood stacked heels one could not help but strut a bit. Color: "saddle" with matching "saddle" bag.

The bag is still being used, despite many moons of riding, road debris, oil leaks, Shalimar spills, rain, snow, fancy dancing, two stepping, grass stains, pig roasts and just your above average biker stuff. In fact I am thinking about having it dyed black and adding some nickle studs!

The boots: in some subcultures are still in fashion, but I keep them locked in a trunk in a bolted closet because woo-wee if they could talk......

With the exception of a very sexy pair of navy stilettos from Paris and stylish red stilettos from Italy, black is and always will be "the new black" for me. Then again, these captured my attention while displayed in Helium's window. I imagined Maid Marian wearing these as she rode through the glen.

These are the New That!

I didn't know brown could be so devilishly divine. From Manas, Brand Design. Made in Italy using hand-made processes and with hand tinted leathers.

Happy trails....