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May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

May 28, 2012

This is the first year out of many that I did not have Lilacs, Violets and Lily of the Valley in bloom to make my Memorial Day sprays.  This spray has Bluets, Creeping Phlox, true Forget Me Knot and Speedwell.  Afterall, it's the thought that counts.

The Stars and Stripes backdrop is a Martha Stewart clip art and printed on recycled paper.  A piece of biodegradable string holds the spray  (the ribbon will be removed at the time of remembrance).

...Happy Trails.....

May 20, 2012

1st Run: Skipper's Simple Sweater Top & Skirt

"Evacuate the Dance Floor"

I know this top and skirt isn't a suitable dance outfit but "Evacuate the Dance Floor" was playing while I was taking photos...

While taking photos I noticed Skipper must have had a bad hair cut back in the late 80s early 90s.  I knit a quick little roll brim hat for her.

1st Run:  Skipper's Simple Sweater Top and Simple Skirt

...Happy Trails.......the beach is calling...

May 19, 2012

Skipper's Simple Sweater Top

I'm working on a sweater top to go with Skipper's Simple Skirt.  I don't want sleeves because Skipper has an arm that occassionally falls off.  She's been tossed around over the years.

The first time my granddaughter took her in the tub for a dive she thought she broke it.  "Oh No, her arm fell off Nannee!" said she.   I told her not to worry, it fell off years ago.  She cheered "Well, that's OK! We'll pretend she broke it diving."  I showed her how to pop it back in the socket.  Skipper hasn't missed a single tub time.

I kept stitches live on either side and knit up the middle front. I later removed the bind off on the front section to keep these stitches live too. 

After knitting the sides for the back I slipped all stitches onto one dbl pointed needle. The needle holds the front and back stitches "live."

I purled one row.  This connected the shoulders and secured the armholes! Next row is a knit row: bind off snug.

The bind off finished the neckline.  Next time I will knit a few extra rows before binding off to create a rolled collar.  I sewed two snaps on the back. 

Skipper's Simple Sweater Tee and Simple Skirt (not blocked).

Simple Sweater Top

  • Knit flat
  • No seams
  • Automatic armholes
  • Bind off neckline finish
  • Two large snaps at back for easy dressing

I took notes and will improve Skipper's Simple Sweater Tee.  I think it is too long and needs some shape with a nicer neckline. 

...Happy Trails......gotta get back to the show...

Skipper's Simple Skirt

Hand Knit with Love for the BGITWWW

The Best Granddaughter In The Whole Wide/Wild World has been asking for new clothes for her Skipper, Barbie's little sister.  I reminded her that Skipper is her Mama's doll, but lives with her Nan. 

Friday, with Skipper, yarn, needles and note pad zipped up in a plastic bag off to work I went.  On break I jotted down a few notes and started knitting in the round.  Sadly, my lovely little needles were too slippery for the silk blend yarn. I used some bamboo double pointed needles and knit flat.  This knit up quick!

Vintage Skipper

Simple Skipper Skirt:
Knit Flat.
Waist has built in tabs for a single large snap for small fingers. 
A few increases added in the front. 
One short seam at the back.
Knit to allow easy dressing.

Mattress Stitch Seaming

Stopped seaming a few rows below tabs.

It's a Snap!

I'll sketch out some simple tops and pick one that will be equally easy.  Then I'll knit another set in a better choice of yarn (non pooling) and take notes and photos to share.   

...Happy Trails...I gotta go Rumbaaaaaa