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August 10, 2007

De-Stashing Knitting Yarn & BikerChick Wear

I am listing two items for sale. I cannot get my PayPal button to work with this, so I will email buyer(s) a PayPal invoice. Email bikerchicknits[] if you have questions or would like to purchase either of these two items. Remove the brackets [ ] from my email address as they are entered to eliminate spam, or post a message.

For Sale: 3 Skeins Jaeger 4 Ply 100% Pure Silk Yarn
Retailed: $29 each skein
My Price: $60 (you save $27)
Color: Light pink
Yards: 208
US Needle: 3
Shipping: $4.65 US First Class with Insurance

Jaeger stopped producing this beautiful luxury yarn, so soft and beautiful. I bought an entire pack and only need 7 skeins for a Vintage Knits camisole. This yarn is very hard to come by! I am selling 3 skeins of same lot, with ball bands. Would make a wonderful gift for a knitter who loves luxury yarn.
SOLD! Thank you.

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