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May 17, 2008

Indian Motorcycle News: The Wheel Reinvented...again.

Indian Motorcycle News Issue 3 2008 arrived today. WOW. Here's a small screen shot.


  • The Wheel Reinvented - an intro to their 2009 CHIEF

  • Indian Motorcycle and Music Rising - Hard Rock NYC hosts Icons of Music sale to benefit Music Rising on Saturday May 31,2008. Juliens Auctions will host rock n roll memorabilia and included in the auction will be a 2009 Chief!

  • New book release A Century of Motorcycling Volume II by Butch and Tom Baer
Quick Links:
2009 CHIEF Gallery
Renderings of Chief Standard
Rendering of Chief Deluxe
Rendering of Chief Roadmaster
Rendering of Chief Vintage

Happy trails..........


Ton Up said...

Finally! Indian Motorcycles are an icon in motorcycling history. It's fantastic to see them back on the market.

Now all I need is a spare $31k!!!

VTwin said...

I think 31k is less then vintage, but think of the mpg!!! You can get on it and "just go."