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September 23, 2009

The Children Sing For Peace

At 11:22am my sister and I joined Montessori Schools in prayer/song for Peace Around the World .

We got goosebumps. Big ones. With over 80,000 children in 35 countries "Light a Candle" went all the way around the world. I declare we felt we could almost hear them!

At a recent and rare family gathering, it was the youngest of the tribe (the "almost 5" year old) who educated us as she (adorably) recited with appropriate gestures "Light a Candle":

Light a candle for peace,
Light a candle for love.
Light a candle that shines all away around the world.
Light a candle for me,
Light a candle for you.
That our wish for world peace,
Will one day come true.