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October 21, 2009

The Only Flame in Town

This flame pattern is similar to my original chart with just enough changes to make a difference. My knitting charts are free to copy and use, but a link back to my blog or a reference noting the knitting chart belongs to Bikerchicknits is appreciated. Knowing there is interest will light a fire under me to create more knitting charts.

[Click on the image and print.]

Here is an example of the chart repeated three times.

[Click on the image and print.]

Flaming possibilities are endless. I have seen a tote bag, socks, head and wrist bands, cardigan, hats and a felted rug using my charts. Enjoy!

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Carole said...

I just ran across your flame hat yesterday, and was so glad to see that you had posted your charts too. Thanks! I love knitting (especially hats) and am anxious to give this one a try! :D I am curious though, because I looked at your pics, did you knit this flat & then stitch it together up the back or knit it in the round? Anyway, glad you posted this very cool hat!

VTwin said...

Yes, I knit the hat flat and seamed it up the back. I don't know how to knit Fair Isle in the round without creating a jog in the pattern. I used Tahki Stacy Charles Cotton Classic yarn and it seamed beautifully. Have fun knitting the flames and thank you for writing.