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December 11, 2009

Knitting Sweaters x 2

One rainy afternoon I was hanging out with the BGITWWW.  We read books, watched a movie, baked cookies, had a tea party... all the fun things we normally do to entertain.    But the most fun we had I think is when the BGITWWW sat on my lap and surfed the internet for a new sweater pattern and yarn.

She chose a Debbie Bliss moss and rib stitch sweater pattern from the Wish you Were Here book (on sale).  She decided on a pink sweater.  She picked Rowan's All Season Cotton yarn in pink melange from the UK:  10 skeins in an unopened bag for under $20 with free shipping.   The yarn arrived in three days.  The pattern book took a week.  I think I spent 3 weeks knitting and seaming. 

The BGITWWW with Ben & Jerry's Phish Food

The raglan sweater and hat was knit for a baby boy using Debbie Bliss's raglan sweater pattern from the Baby Knits book.  I used 3 skeins of Cascade Cash Vero to knit the sweater and one skein to knit the hat. I had this knit up in a less then a week.  It was a gift to his proud Grandmother actually, so all the more fun to knit up.

...Happy trails...

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