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February 19, 2011

Sugar on Snow in the Half Shell

It's Maple Sugaring time and NH maple producers are tapping sugar maple trees for their sap.  I get a fresh jug of maple syrup from "Lyle" every March, otherwise I wouldn't be a Vermonster.

For Sugar on Snow you need 100% pure maple syrup and fresh clean hard packed snow.  I boiled what was left from last Spring's syrup to the "hard  ball" stage and drizzled on snow.  For fun I packed snow into sea shells from Sanibel & Captiva Islands.   It's fun to pick and prep a bank of snow outside and have Sugar on Snow out in nature but the high wind warning kept us inside.
Dug down for a bucket of clean snow.

 Packed snow into shells & drizzled boiled syrup on the snow.

Yum Yum ate it up!

...Happy Trails...

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