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April 25, 2011

You gotta roll, roll, roll...

For the daughter who has everything but doesn't knit...


Yarn: Ella Rae Amity Print
Pattern: Coats and Clark Knit Roll Brim Hat (free)

I don’t like acrylic yarn (especially with wool) but the sample hat on display sealed the deal.  The colors are my favorite and the self-pattern is pretty.  Without the sample hat I would not have spent any time looking at Amity Print.   Now I plan to buy more for a different project.  Daughter who knits likes it too.

The Coats and Clark Knit Roll Brim Hat is an easy and quick knit.  I cast on early Easter morning.  After a wonderful Easter dinner, daughter who knits finished the last few decrease rows for me while I played Wii golf with BGITWWW.  I decided the hat is too long for me.  One can roll only so far up before it starts rolling back. Daughter who doesn’t knit liked it and it fit her perfectly.  Like and fit in the same hand knit garment for her is almost unheard of, so I was thrilled!  No frogging is a bonus.  

The finished hat weighed .45 grams so there is enough for one more hat or wide head band to keep ears warm and hair out of face when in the wind.   So bright and cheery it will be.  


...Happy Trails...

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