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April 12, 2012

BGITWWW's Hand Knit Bowl with Picot Edge

I put one variegated skein of yarn in the Best Granddaughter In The Whole Wide/wild World's Easter basket.  When asked if she wanted a felted hat or bowl she quickly replied "Bowlah.

She has been wanting a felted bowl-ah "because Mama sold the one I liked at her craft fair."

I cast on in the morning and cast off in the evening.   I modified One Skein's small felted bowl pattern by adding a Picot Edge from Joansie (in Vermont).  The yarn is  OnLine's Linie 231.  The following pictures are before felting. 

Small Felted Bowl Pattern with Picot Edge Folded Inward

 I turned the fabric so the base is purl-wise and the Picot Edge is knit-wise.  

For now, the cover to a CD case is inserted to help shape the bowl.

This is a cute little bowl for a cute little girl. 

But wait!  Maybe she would rather have a hat! 

Just for fun-wise...
...but she still wants a felted bowl-ah.  
I have to find a top loader with an honest hot water option.

My Picot Edge
The stitches inbetween the "holes" creates "points.'

Here are three pairs of stitches.

Pull up on these stitches and you have your picot edge.  

I will slip stitch the picot edge into place before felting.

...Happy Trails...

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