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September 3, 2012

Fairy Star Fun Under the Blazing Sun & a Blue Moon

7 Point Fairy Star Chair Mat 

My plan was to cast on and off under the blue moon sky while staying at a new favorite ocean view Inn,  but it just wasn't in the stars.  I didn't have the required 16" US15 circular needle until early evening (thanks to Yarn Sellar).

I was in sticker shock ($25+tax) but so excited to have the needles I forgot to buy the size P crochet hook for this pattern.   On the way home I bought the last one at a JoAnn's

A free pattern from Tiny Owl Knits

This is a single mat with light blocking. It is very soft.   

I've never knit with super bulky yarn or used US 15 needles so it took a few cast ons to end with a short tail. I started with the correct gauge but ended up attaching the second skein to finish the last 9 double crochets. The pattern calls for one skein per mat so I obviously didn't knit tight enough.  I didn't want to frog-it-all so left it as a single mat. 
Always a Silver Lining:  I will use the remaining second skein to knit the "Tiny Cauldron."  I did get to knit during a stunning sunset and under the most beautiful blue moon I have ever seen.  It was especially nice to be at the ocean, having the best of time with the best of company.  

A fairy's eye view.

Perspective:  A single mat with minimal blocking is too small for the seat on my bistro chair, but very special and sweet in it's singleness. 
Now that I have tested this pattern I am confident I could knit up some very nice sets (doubled) to give as gifts.  I'll be searching for some nice cotton blends over the next month.  Thank you, Tiny Owl Knits!

...Happy Trails... 

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