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September 21, 2013

Stable Cable Cap

For Daughter Who Doesn't Knit
Pattern:  Snappy Hat by Corinna Ferguson

Yarn:  1 Skein of Araucania Coliumo Solid  
US Needle Size 10 1/2 

I bought this yarn on sale $11.00!  I cast on, knit the brim and all the cable rows during an evening of Masterpiece Theatre. I would have finished it that night but I wanted my daughter to try it on before I started decreasing. Decreasing was fun and it created a pretty pattern.

The hat makes quite a first impression in this shade of pink! The chunky cables stretch which enhances the hand dyed yarn. The fit is great! The ribbing ends just below my daughter's ear lobes. It will keep her warm when the cold wind blows.

This has been an easy, fast and rewarding project!

.....Happy Trails....

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