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September 1, 2014

Long Hair Today Gone Today

Since my first pixie cut at a young age I have always preferred to wear my hair long.  For years my daughters have been after me to get it cut.  My hair was so long I could sit on it.  It got in the way! I never made it in for all those trims.  It was getting put in a sloppy French braid or wound up into a hair clip every day.

On a perfect day at the ocean on the beach and my first day of vacation I was nagged one time too many to get it cut.

I said "Okay! You want my hair cut?  You can call Euphoria and make an appointment for today."  The reply was no with a lecture that it's my hair and I could make my own damn appointment!   I found enough gumption to make the call.  I explained I had long hair and would be donating a minimum on 12 inches.  I had a 6:30 appointment!

The rest of my beach day was tainted with the appointment always in the front of my mind. I knew a cut was over due but while I walked past Euphoria many times over the years I had never gone in! Butterflies in stomach we went in at 6:25 p.m.   I waited .... and finally at 7:15 was in the chair!

I was very well taken care of!  I was delighted with the result! I am happy to have some locks to donate!  My granddaughter held my hand on the first cut and during the blow dry she said "Oh Nanny! Your hair is so beautiful"!  

1st Trim & Dividing 

First cut!

Another 3" or so to even up the ends!

I love the new length.
My hair is thick from top to bottom now.
 I have a cute 60s flip at the ends (when I want!)

My daughter said I should have had more cut.   I think 15" is enough for now.

...Happy Trails....

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