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December 20, 2014

Swan's Island Côte-Nord Cap and Fingerless Mitts

Cursed Co-worker or Cursed Knitted Gifts?

Yarn: Swan's Island Natural Colors
Cap Pattern:  Côte-Nord Cap by Amy Christoffers
Free Fingerless Gloves Pattern:  Maize (with modifications)

I knit this gift-set for a co-worker to give to his girlfriend for Christmas. I took no money for the yarn or time; that was my gift to him.  Good Karma, right?

Sadly, I learned she accepted her lovely cap and no gap at the thumb gusset mitts knit in lovely 100% organic wool and then DUMPED him!  I have heard of the sweater curse and I wonder if that curse split and formed a new unforgivable and not yet identified curse.

Perhaps it is my co-worker who is cursed and not my lovely knitted hat and gloves.  I know this:  I would not want her karma.

Notes:  The Swan's Island Company yarn used for is 100% organic merino.  It knit up with a soft hand and the color “Glacier” is a lovely shade of blue!!! The fabric is light but very warm.  It took less than one skein for my hat and with just enough yarn to knit a simple pair of hand-warmers to go with.  For the mitts I used Maize making a few modifications as I knit.   The stitches in the hat and gloves relaxed during a short soak and looked flawless after they dried.

...Happy Trails....

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