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April 26, 2015

My Time Out Cardi

# 27 Cardigan by Lana Grossa
Yarn: Garzata Baby
11 Skeins in Silver

My Winter "Time Out" Cardi

My home is heated with electricity during the winter months.  My electric bill suggests the opposite,  but some areas of the house are not quite warm enough in January and February.

I knit the smallest size knowing it would be at least one size too big.  I wanted my cardigan roomy, soft and warm and it is all three.  The color is lovely too.

It was fun picking up stitches and knitting the ribbed edge.  The shawl like collar will keep my neck warm.  The sleeves have a lot of bind offs which made seaming a challenge and the finished look is not as "clean" as I would like.   

I will not turn up the heat!   


This is my first time knitting pockets.  I like the look of the pockets on the front but the lining seam is bulky.  If I knit this again I would have faux pockets - no lining!  

There was a bit of pilling so it's perfect for "Time-Out" on the sofa when I knit, watch Masterpiece Theatre, read or use the lap top...basically less activity equals less friction on the fabric.   

I have an extra skein of yarn and will knit a wide ear warmer or a beanie.

...Happy Trails....

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