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May 10, 2015

NH Sheep & Wool Festival May 2015

Soak up the sun is what we did!

The N H Sheep & Wool Festival was held in Deerfield, NH again; more then a two hour trip for me (one way).  I prefer the Hopkinton Fairgrounds location.  Hopkinton is an easier drive and there were more vendors.   Three of my favorite suppliers do not go to Deerfield.

The weather forecast was 84 degrees and sunny.  Yes, 84 in May.  I left my home at 06:30 and the outside temp was 40! Still, I dressed for the forecast in a Patagonia skirt with side zippers, a linen J Crew tee and sandals.  I didn't bring my hand knit wear because they are Fall/Winter weight.  We arrived at 09:15 and as soon as I stepped out of the car I wanted a cap, cardigan and fingerless gloves!!   The wind blew cold and the vendors were in shade!  90 minutes later we sat on a bench to sss..sss...soak up the sun.

I bought one skein of his lovely yarn from Good Karma Farm.  The vendor was knitting a colorful sock using a "Knitting Jenny."  It was very interesting to watch as several rows of flawless knitting was done in seconds!  I want one of those "Knitting Jennys" and I don't even knit socks!

Daughter-who-knits, the BGITWW and I enjoyed delicious donuts from "Rollin' in the Dough Bakery."  This bakery did not skimp on the size of their baked goods and their Bavarian/Boston Cream donuts are the best I have ever eaten.   I wish I had one now.

I bought the following two patterns and yarn from LISMI KNITS:

"Sayon":  a cowl pattern with a textured stitch for warmth and an I-Cord cast on!  The bright and cheery multi color yarn is Ascona II, a superwash wool in Crayons!

"Esther":  a charming shawl that caught my eye because the pattern reminds me of the Arts and Crafts stained glass in the house I grew up in.  The yarn is called Ascona, a lovely merino, silk, nylon & metallic blend. The SPARKLE got my attention.  I haven't decided what to buy for the second color.

Useful and wise freebies from the State of NH:

...Happy   Trails....

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