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July 21, 2007

Jaeger Siena+$52 = Vintage Bolero

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Progress Report:
  • I love Jaeger Siena, I read it is being discontinued. The stitch definition is beautiful. My knitting looks flawless (which of course it isn't).

  • 8 skeins and a long sleeve pattern makes for a heavy garment.

  • The knitting instructions were poorly written. What was I misundertanding or were there errors? I wrote to yesterknits hoping my questions would be answered by "them" or Sarah Dallas. No one responded (my spam folder was checked). I searched online for help and came across one review from a knitter who wrote that she found errors in most of the patterns, there was no one to contact for corrections and shedid not suggest the book for beginners.

  • I frogged the lower front sides a couple of times each (both sides mind you!) and used common sense to get me through to the next step.

  • Funny! I dreaded the thought of knitting 50 inches or so of 1x1 rib and then having to hand sew it around the entire boloero. Guess what! It was the best part of the project. The rib made the garment very special and that is what vintage knits are all about.

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