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March 2, 2011

She lost her mittens and she began to cry...

So.  I've lost track of the snow storms but the plow man's bill will remind me of most.  Not all because I have done my own fair amount of shoveling.  Between Friday and Saturday we got about 19" of snow. February went out with an ice storm.  

The first day of March was blue sky and out I went to clean up the mess at the top of the drive.  As I shoveled I just happened to catch a glimpse of something turquoise blue in a chunk of dirty ice and snow.   I knew immediately what it was!  One of my Rock Lobster mittens.  One.  I didn't even know I had lost them because I wear them to special occassions only. 

I had to leave and was just sick about it.  How could I tell my daughter who knit them?  I was optimistic that the other mitten was buried  in close proximity of the first one and I would find it.  I prayed the plow man would not stop by to remove the ice storm mess while I was away.  He did.  
March 2nd, another fine day.  I went back up to the top of the drive with shovel and camera.  42 minutes later what did I spy with my blue eyes?  The mate! 

Click on photo and look in the lower left area near the 2nd chunk of snow... 

Save me!

Get me outta here!

Ahhh!  Love The Cashmere Only wash!

...Happy Trails...

1 comment:

A. said...

Now you shall have no pie.

Lucky, lucky you. I can't believe you didn't know they were lost. Glad they've been found & washed.

Now you may have some pie.