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March 27, 2011

Wrap It Up

BGITWWW's Ballet Cardi

#109 Girl's Ballet Cardigan
From Diane Soucy's Knitting Pure and Simple Patterns
Yarn:  Blue Skys Dyed Cotton, 3 Skeins in Rasberry

This wrap sweater is knit from the top down.  Instructions are written well and easy to understand.  I knit a few extra rows of rib at the sleeves for spurt growth.

I do not do well with adding stitches at the underarm and knitting in the round with 3 needles. I must do more.  The yarn feels great but it pills fast and furious. I want to use it again but I wont. I just don’t like that pilling! The color is much darker than what I saw on the monitor too. I used 2.5 skeins.

Daughter who knits said I did a fine job. BGITWWW wore it to school and received many compliments. I am sure she said “Thank you, my NANee knit this for me…”

This knit up quickly and I will probably knit another one for Fall. 

I cannot say enough about the button! I asked BGITWWW if she would like a new button or an old one from an antique shop. She asked for an old button with glitterrrrr.   

I went to Quechee Timber Village antique shop in Quechee, Vt.   Guess what I found! 3 Bakelite buttons the right size with -no kidding- glitter! Normally I would not consider a black button but I had searched through 16 dusty boxes of vintage buttons and these were the only ones with sparkle.   The inside button is a contemporary smooth one.  The other two Bakelite buttons are in the BGITWWW's button jar.

BGITWWW would have no other! What sparkle! What Shine!
                                    What luck!                                   

...Happy Trails...

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