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August 29, 2011

Boy Blue Beanie & Chunky Cardi

Baby's Beanie Hat  Size 0-3
Erika Knight's Simple Knits for Cherished Babies
 Hurricane Irene project finished hours before she was.

Baby's Chunky Cardigan Size 0-3
Erika Knight's Simple Knits for Cherished Babies
The cardigan photo is not very clear or true to color.  It looks out of shape but it blocked beautifully. I noticed a piece of knit-lint in the photo too so my knitting bag got a going over with the lint roller. 

Shoulder seams:  I used the 3 needle bind off and forgot to go up a size in needle! Blocking loosened the seams, but not enough to my liking. I would have frogged back to those seams if time had not run out!

3rd Times a Charm with Inserting Sleeves:  Inserting the sleeves into the armhole seamed together beautifully on my third try.  The rows on either side of the the armhole seam lined up perfectly as if one continuous row, and no puckering.

I think after I seamed the curve of the underarm and started going up toward the shoulder seam is when I picked up only one running board from the body to every two from the sleeve armhole, until I started going down to the other underarm curve.

Button Holes:  The button holes are placed as the pattern is written but the top button looks one row too high. 

Seaming:   Seaming is chunky for such a small garment. When I weaved in the ends I split the strands in half and went in either direction to thin it out a bit.

Buttons:   The buttons are from Italy and their watercolor look of blue sky and clouds made them a pefect match for Rowan's All Seasons cotton in Denim.

I'll knit this again, maybe the body in the round. I’ll go up a needle size when I do the 3 needle bind off, have the top button lowered one row (adjusting the others to achieve this) and thin the yarn for seaming.  Both Boy Blue projects were fun gifts to knit.

...Happy Trails...

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