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July 31, 2011

Chinese Waves

My 3-Corner Cosmetic Cloths inspired me to knit washcloths for face and body.  

Before Wash & Dry:  10” x 5.5”

After Wash & Dry: 6” x 5” Unstretched

I modified the Chinese Wave on the diagonal to make my 3 corner washcloth for face and body.  This is thicker than my 3 Corner Cosmetic Cloths, and big enough to wrap around my shea butter body bar.

I knit up more in two different colors; one color for the neck down, one for the neck up.  Just toss them in their own lingerie bags for washing and drying.

To make my 3 corner washcloth for face and body:  Using 2 strands of Pigsah's Peaches and Cream cotton yarn I followed the modified Chinese Waves pattern to about 35 stitches on the needle and bound off to create my triangle.

This knits up fast, soft and cushion-like wth the 2 strands. 100% cotton, 100% reuseable.  I thank Margaret K. K. Radcliffe for the Chinese Waves pattern and ailurokat (Ravelry) for the modifications to knit the pattern on the diagonal.

...Happy Trails...

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