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May 19, 2012

Skipper's Simple Sweater Top

I'm working on a sweater top to go with Skipper's Simple Skirt.  I don't want sleeves because Skipper has an arm that occassionally falls off.  She's been tossed around over the years.

The first time my granddaughter took her in the tub for a dive she thought she broke it.  "Oh No, her arm fell off Nannee!" said she.   I told her not to worry, it fell off years ago.  She cheered "Well, that's OK! We'll pretend she broke it diving."  I showed her how to pop it back in the socket.  Skipper hasn't missed a single tub time.

I kept stitches live on either side and knit up the middle front. I later removed the bind off on the front section to keep these stitches live too. 

After knitting the sides for the back I slipped all stitches onto one dbl pointed needle. The needle holds the front and back stitches "live."

I purled one row.  This connected the shoulders and secured the armholes! Next row is a knit row: bind off snug.

The bind off finished the neckline.  Next time I will knit a few extra rows before binding off to create a rolled collar.  I sewed two snaps on the back. 

Skipper's Simple Sweater Tee and Simple Skirt (not blocked).

Simple Sweater Top

  • Knit flat
  • No seams
  • Automatic armholes
  • Bind off neckline finish
  • Two large snaps at back for easy dressing

I took notes and will improve Skipper's Simple Sweater Tee.  I think it is too long and needs some shape with a nicer neckline. 

...Happy Trails......gotta get back to the show...

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