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May 19, 2012

Skipper's Simple Skirt

Hand Knit with Love for the BGITWWW

The Best Granddaughter In The Whole Wide/Wild World has been asking for new clothes for her Skipper, Barbie's little sister.  I reminded her that Skipper is her Mama's doll, but lives with her Nan. 

Friday, with Skipper, yarn, needles and note pad zipped up in a plastic bag off to work I went.  On break I jotted down a few notes and started knitting in the round.  Sadly, my lovely little needles were too slippery for the silk blend yarn. I used some bamboo double pointed needles and knit flat.  This knit up quick!

Vintage Skipper

Simple Skipper Skirt:
Knit Flat.
Waist has built in tabs for a single large snap for small fingers. 
A few increases added in the front. 
One short seam at the back.
Knit to allow easy dressing.

Mattress Stitch Seaming

Stopped seaming a few rows below tabs.

It's a Snap!

I'll sketch out some simple tops and pick one that will be equally easy.  Then I'll knit another set in a better choice of yarn (non pooling) and take notes and photos to share.   

...Happy Trails...I gotta go Rumbaaaaaa

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