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January 17, 2016

Happy Knits

 A House of A La Mode 

I spent hours without power the other night but time flew surfing the web for "house paint a la mode."  My research took a wonderful turn and far away from house paint.  I was feeling like a RipVanWinklette; asleep in the knitting world for 20 years without the benefit of moonshine.

I found beautiful hand painted yarn;  House of A La Mode on Andrea Mowry's blog.  I learned Happy Knits sells it.

Timing is everything!! I emailed Happy Knits and learned a delivery of House of A La Mode was arriving at their shop that very same day and on their website early evening.  I'm on the East coast so the time difference worked out beautifully for me.

Later at work while riding in an elevator I seized the moment to see if the yarn was LIVE.  It was!  I placed my first order of Stunning Single Ply DK in colorways Od'e to Anthro and Star Light, Star Bright.   The yarn arrived quickly, wrapped up in vivid colored tissue with little gifts and a personal note on the receipt.  WOW!!!!  Oh, and the yarn is very stunning indeed!

Od'e to Anthro

Star Light, Star Bright

I placed a second order but this time I chose Bangin Bulky in Od'e to Anthro and Star Light, Star Bright. Again, the order arrived quickly in bright colored tissue with a gift and note on the invoice.  I love Happy Knit's customer service and I get a kick out of those little notes on the receipts!


Bangin Bulky in Od'e to Anthro

Bangin Bulky in Light,  Star Bright

I'm awake now, Rip!  Daughter-who-knits and Daughter-who-doesn't-knit favor Od'e to Anthro and I.LOVE.THEM.ALL!

...Happy Trails....

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