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June 28, 2016

A Text from Daughter-Who-Doesn't-Knit

"I'd love a nice big scarf."  

I replied "You can help look for a pattern!"  Later she texted several photos of wide scarfs. I replied "pick one."  Whoosh, she sent a picture of a long purple wrap with a caption "Free Knitting Patterns, Cowls."

I was relieved to find the pattern, thrilled it required bulky weight yarn, and surprised it was only stockinette!  OOPS!!!  It was not until later that I learned this pattern actually uses worsted weight yarn.  At the time, I looked at many patterns and confused this with another!! I was rushing to get this taken care of while getting ready for work.  No waste on haste though!

Previous to my error in yarn weight:  I had just ordered her 4 skeins of House of A La Mode (Into the Woods and Dew) from Happy Knits but it was the wrong weight for this.  I started looking for bulky cashmere/merino yarn and sent her some links.

I got another text from Daughter-who-doesn't-knit:

"My fav is still the one you bought initially."  

I knew exactly what she was referring to and the yarn search was over! She was referring to House of A La Mode's Od'e to Anthro.  It was my very first purchase several months ago in bulky and dk weight. I bought this colorway thinking my daughters would love it and they do!

I'm happy that Daughter-who-doesn't knit remembered it.  She gets the bulky weight!  Daughter-who-knits will get her bundle of Od'e to Anthro in the dk weight on the 4th of July!

I only had 4 skeins in the bulky so Daughter-who-doesn't-knit ordered the last 7 skeins from Happy Knits. They arrived quickly and I noticed right away they were from various batches so I will take some time to arrange the skeins for the best color pattern.

10 Skeins of Bangin Bulky

...Happy Trails.... 

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